Hyper Active Jogger Set
Hyper Active Jogger Set
Hyper Active Jogger Set
Hyper Active Jogger Set

Hyper Active Jogger Set

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Description: Too Hype Claw Style Logo Jogger Set.  Embroidered Pocket logo on left chest hoodie and left pant leg for matching fit.  This set is for the fierce kid ready to take on the world and leaving their marks behind.  Kids will turn heads in this new trendy Unisex Jogger set. Be hype and be different while rocking the Signature set.
Logo on pants leg and sleeve arm for an urban look. Signature left chest pocket logo, with front pouch pocket on hoodie. Ribbed 2 in cuffs on sleeves and pants. 2 side pockets on the pants and elastic waist for flexibility.

  • Premium Sweatsuit
  • 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester
  • 10.60 Oz heavy fabric
  • Cozy Fleece Lined
  • Pre Shrunk
  • 10.60 Oz of

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I believe with every setback in life, it's always a setup for something greater! How do I tell you about us in just a few short words.  I will definitely try. My name is Katrina Bacon, a hard working, devoted single mother to 1 son by the name of Kayden.   I was born and raised in a very strict Christian family in Queens, NY, then moved to Brooklyn, NY.  I had Kayden Jerrell at the age of 30.  I had always wanted to be a mother, always wanted to have a family and be married. All I wanted was to be happy.  I would soon find out that happiness would not come easy for me and motherhood would not come without its challenges.   I was living life, traveling with work (amtrak), I just bought my first home.  I was bonding with my son, enjoying being a mom, until I started noticing Kayen would cry a little too long, or could never be still.  He would get easily upset after just having a great time.  It was weird but I just brushed it
off being a first time parent.  It was my mother who kept pushing me
to get him checked out.  Finally I did, and that's when I was told he had ADHD at around the age of 5.  They wanted to put him on all sorts of meds, but I refused at first not knowing how he would react.  Being A God fearing woman, my faith was strong, so I prayed for things to get better.  And for a little while I thought they had.  Then Kayden would act out in school,  get in trouble in camp, couldn't get along with other kids, but on the flip side of that he was so smart, passing every test, gifted, spoke and read above grade level, but his behavior was becoming more and more of a challenge.  I didn't know what to do at this point. I didn't want people to feel I didn't know how to be a mother, so I dealt with it myself. I struggled in silence.    I got fired from Amtrak after 10 years of service, due to being a mom and needing to be there for my son.  So
I decided I needed a change and relocated to Charlotte, NC.  Here I was a single mother, with a young child and moving to start all over again.  Things were good at first.   I started working for the post office, and that was short lived.  I knew that wasn't for me.  I would get calls from the school constantly regarding my son.  He was always in the office for something! But, apparently the Man upstairs was always looking out for us.  They call it Favor!  Some of the things my son did in school, he should have been expelled at times. But God's hand of protection was always on our lives and I recognize that.  We seemed to always have people in place no matter where we went to help Kayden. Someone was always taking time out with him, giving him special projects, creating tasks around the school to help keep him busy from getting in trouble.
Even the principal gave him a job of being in charge of the media over the morning news.  He loved it for a while, then got bored again. That was a pattern we fell into, a cycle of starting things with him, it would go good at first then we would have to stop..  Something would go wrong.  Nothing could keep him interested for too long. The older Kayden got, it seemed like the worse his condition got.  He was beginning to act out more and more and for no reason seemed like. I felt like I was doing everything wrong as a parent.  We were in constant therapy!  I was tired of talking to people about my private matters.  I had to put him on meds, but it was hard to get him to take him.  The struggle was real.  And when he did take them, I felt like he wasn't my happy, bubbly, son that everyone loved!  Kayden would be so funny, full of energy, charming, and the life of the party one minute, then (if I must be honest) the seed of
Chuckie the next. He couldn't help it. There was a chemical imbalance I was told.  His moods were all over the place, He was later diagnosed with Anxiety,
Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Disruptive Mood Disorder. I couldn't believe it!  This was certainly NOT what I had signed up for and to be doing it all alone.  The thoughts of what did I do wrong overwhelmed me. But I was determined to not let it overtake me.  I was determined to get Kayden the help he needed. 
I was working as a dispatcher for the City of Catts here in Charlotte. I finally found a great job that I liked and was paying a great salary.  I was praying, Lord please don't let me get fired over my son again!  I had to take shifts just so I could be there for him.  I worked the night shift because again I was always getting
called up to the school in the daytime.  Hardly any sleep, tired, stressed, losing weight, hair thinning, still single and mad. I'm doing this by myself pretty much mind you.  But all while smiling, working, going to church and no one outside of my inner circle knew what I was battling with at home.  Cracks were beginning to show when we were out in public.  Small mohills turned into mountains.  Kayden would have breakdowns, mood swings, anxiety attacks, couldn't follow simple rules, run out of places an refused help from anyone who trie to help.   People would look at me like I had no control.  At the time I didn't. I was changing therapists likeI was changing underwear over and over to find the right fit for him. Switching meds. Nothing was working.  Then Covid broke out in 2020 and I had to homeschool Kayden.  That's when I knew I could no longer handle
working at night full time and homeschooling Kayden in the day with therapy in between.  I needed a game plan and I needed one quick or else I was going to crash and burn.  I stepped out on faith and asked God like I never needed Him before to take control and lead me through this next phase in my life.  I made the biggest decision of my life to walk away from a career position with benefits
mind you and started my own business.  My own Christian clothing brand
called Move N' Grace and documented my journey to help others on my youtube channel called Katrina's Graceful Creations.  I began to add crafting on my channel because I knew I needed something else to help support us while I was trying to support my son. 
My son needed more of me and as a single parent I had to be there for him. Everything was on me to help him get through this phase. I didn't know how I was going to be all he needed, his mother, his teacher, his protector, his peace, while starting a new business and not losing myself in the process. Fast forword 2 years later after seeing how Kayden is growing and working through therapy and actively trying to use coping skills.
I said to myself I know he isn't the only kid going through this. I know I'm not the only parent struggling and fighting for their kids.. I felt a need to speak out but in a different way, with a positive message and through my son's voice.
From a child's perspective. I had Kayden on my youtube channel one time when I made him the famous Gucci shirt and found out that he loved working beside me. He lit up the camera and people fell in love with his personality.
I had been working so hard on my other clothing brand and numerous projects, I decided it was time for me to build a brand and legacy specifically for my son.
It would keep him busy, help keep him focused and teach him entrepreneurship, while giving him a sense of ownership and pride. Kids with his conditions need something positive to direct their energy into and need to feel in control. So here we are today launching Too Hype November of 2022 from my home. Humble beginnings. My journey is online on my youtube channel. It's been a long road to get here. But I wanted to create this feel good clothing line for kids like my son who can have a sense of pride and not be ashamed of who they are no matter what the circumstance. I'm starting with athletic comfortable jogger sets because that's what my son loves to wear. We will be expanding and building gradually adding more and more products in phases. So tell the World Too Hype is here and we want all kids to be hype about life and look good too! Our story isn't over by far. Please continue to follow and support our movement and The Brand!

Thank you
Katrina & Kayen Bacon

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Too Hype LLC
7014 South Corners Blvd #1265
Charlotte, Nc 28269
Business Hours:
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9am - 5:00pm EST
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Every child was created special and unique. Different isn't always a bad thing. Challenges come to make us stronger! Society, puts so many labels on kids and want to box them in. But we say, let then be free to explore, to grow, to learn and be fierce.

Too Hype represents kids who are fast, agile, grounded and focused. Determine to push through to the finish line. They might not be the strongest, or the bravest, but they will surely be first! They will surely win in the end! We have taken the word "Hyper" that society has labeled to be a bad thing on our kids and turned it into something they can now feel good about. No longer do they have to feel like they are out of control, or no one can deal with them. Now, let's embrace the movement, find ways to work with them, to nuture them and get hype with them. They aren't hyper, they are Too Hype, excited, and eager about the world. Their Hype active minds will one day take their place in society and it's our job to protect that and prepare them.

So it's our mission to Rename and Reclaim the labels, the stigmas placed on our kids, to get rid of the shame. It's our goal to build their confidence, to let them know there is nothing they can't do. They shouldn't be treated any different, or left out because of something beyond their control. No child left behind.

So we created this feel good comfortable clothing brand so all kids can feel comfortable in the skin they're in and look good at the same time. By Supporting Too Hype, you're supporting all kids to be treated equal!