Every child was created special and unique. Different isn't always a bad thing. Challenges come to make us stronger! Society, puts so many labels on kids and want to box them in. But we say, let then be free to explore, to grow, to learn and be fierce.

Too Hype represents kids who are fast, agile, grounded and focused. Determine to push through to the finish line. They might not be the strongest, or the bravest, but they will surely be first! They will surely win in the end! We have taken the word "Hyper" that society has labeled to be a bad thing on our kids and turned it into something they can now feel good about. No longer do they have to feel like they are out of control, or no one can deal with them. Now, let's embrace the movement, find ways to work with them, to nuture them and get hype with them. They aren't hyper, they are Too Hype, excited, and eager about the world. Their Hype active minds will one day take their place in society and it's our job to protect that and prepare them.

So it's our mission to Rename and Reclaim the labels, the stigmas placed on our kids, to get rid of the shame. It's our goal to build their confidence, to let them know there is nothing they can't do. They shouldn't be treated any different, or left out because of something beyond their control. No child left behind.

So we created this feel good comfortable clothing brand so all kids can feel comfortable in the skin they're in and look good at the same time. By Supporting Too Hype, you're supporting all kids to be treated equal!